The Youth Summit is not just an event;

it’s a catalyst to ignite a transformational leadership journey.

Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is a full day experience within an educational institution, organization or a local church. The summit consists of three 90-minute stand-alone sessions with multiple video trainings 5 min. to 40 min. each, creative elements, leadership conversations and young leaders sharing their story of faith, leadership and life.

Each host location can determine if the leadership content is experienced in one full day or multiple days, based upon whatever fits best with their schedule. They can also select more focused leadership content or more faith related content/speakers, whatever is best for their leaders.

We will provide the three 90-minute sessions with all you need to run a Youth Summit. Overall Program guide, Promo materials, Session Cue Sheets, Videos, Graphics, student notebook and process questions. We will also supply you with a variety of options if you would like to sub out one speaker for another. We will be here to help your country set up the systems and structure to provide a youth summit experience with excellence.

365 Leadership

365 Leadership will provide ongoing leadership development through summit shorts, blogs, social media posts and actionable items that are all created for reflection for the individual leader or discussion if they are in a leadership small group. Host sites will be able to unlock 365 leadership resources that can help them build that transformational leadership community the rest of the year.

Based upon the Youth Summit speakers we will provide 365 leadership resources to further enhance and build your transformational leadership community. We will also introduce you to other youth leadership resources for your leadership community.

365 Faith

365 Faith is similar to the 365 Leadership and will provide the same leadership development resources but through the lenses of a faith perspective. 365 Faith will also have additional resources to help host sites/cities create a 365 Faith initiative and actionable plan for their city or community (C365).

C365 is a city-wide faith initiative to empower and transform young leaders (ages 11-20 something), to be a Force for Good in their world for Jesus Christ. We believe it will take more than one-time events to create transformation, it will take a yearlong commitment to building transformational leadership communities, (that’s why the 365 in the name). We believe that this is best done in the context of a community or city (that’s why the C is in the name). We believe it will take a daily effort 365 days a year, to empower young leaders to be a force for good in their world for Jesus Christ. We want to engage, equip and empower cities around the world to build these transformational leadership communities to do something together they could never do alone! Our team will help a host site or city build an actionable plan to see this happen.