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A transformational experience that sharpens their leadership skills and helps them discover their life purpose.

The GLS YOUTH is a dynamic adaptation of the premier GLS specifically tailored to develop leadership skills and help young leaders better understand their life purpose. Featuring a combination of live elements along with pre-recorded world-class speaker content full of fresh and practical leadership insights participants will encounter leadership themes such as creative problem solving, discovering your strengths, living without regrets, developing personal resilience and fostering a culture of high performance. (Sessions may include faith-based content).

The Global Leadership Network is delighted to partner with schools, churches and organizations across the USA who have a passion to engage, equip and empower young people to awaken and grow their leadership. We will provide resources and support so you can run a GLS YOUTH at your own venue and with your own team.

Fresh Actionable Leadership Insights

World Class Speakers

YOUTH GLS Leadership Themes Include:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Discovering Your Strengths and Unique Contribution
  • Cultivating an Inspiring Vision
  • Living Without Regrets
  • Courage to Overcome Fear, Rejection, and Adversity
  • The Act of Forgiveness
  • Developing Personal Resilience
  • Fostering a Culture of High Performance

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Wondering about hosting a GLS Youth event? What is the format, cost or requirements are? View our frequently asked questions here.

How to run your GLS Next Gen – We are with you!

Discover everything you need to know about running your very own GLS YOUTH event, including the latest promotional material, a step by step ‘How To’ video guide and all the event resources to create an awesome experience.

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