Youth Summit

The Youth Summit is a 60-90 minute experience with 2 videos – 5 -8 minutes each. Using talks and speakers from the Global Leadership Summit and other approved youth speakers you can select a target audience and then either use a program already created or create your own. These tailored leadership experiences focused directly towards young leaders, will allow you to engage your community in a whole new way.

The Youth Summit happens where it fits best, it can be anytime of the year. This experience includes worship, 2 videos – 5 -8 minutes each facilitation/conversations and a young leader sharing their story of faith and life. To help young leaders build leadership skills, understand their life purpose in Jesus Christ and their connection to the local church.

By planning regular Youth Summit events throughout the year, you can get maximum engagement and build a solid foundation in the young leaders of your community.

Use A Created Program

More created programs will be uploaded soon, some come back and check them out.

Create Your Own Program

Use this template to plan and create your own Youth Summit program.